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Greene & Greene and the Arts and Crafts Style

Arts and Crafts sought to counter trends in design reliant on modern industry and manufacturing by returning to an emphasis on quality and hand craftsmanship. Arts and Crafts saw all facets of creative endeavor on an equal plane, proposing that decor and decorative items were just as important as fine art. Even everyday items could be beautiful, simple, and utilitarian. The style proposed an alternative to cheaply designed, Industrial Age mass-produced goods, as well as a far simpler, more basic, style than the popular, ornate Victorian design aesthetic.

Important in the Arts and Crafts movement Greene & Greene were famous architects and furniture builders who created unique designs and details such as arched drawer pulls, ebony plugs and splines, finger joints, waterfall legs and other design elements.

Greene & Greene Family Room
Greene & Greene Sofa Table
Greene & Greene Detail
Greene & Greene Side Table
Greene & Greene Entry Table
Greene & Greene Dining Table
Greene & Greene End Table
Greene & Greene Coffee Table
Dining Table - Greene & Greene Style
Greene & Greene Chair Greene & Greene Coffee Table
Greene & Greene Detail
Dining Table Trestle Design